Gratuitous bag shot:Osaka

Heading off to the client in a minute for a day of shooting architecture, interiors, panoramas and coming up with something funky of their new building in Osaka.

Heavy bag. But a happy bag….. :-)

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  1. Alexis Enrique Delgado Ramos

    Quien en regala una cámara profesional quiero iniciarme

  2. Remondo Hodges

    You're a good suitcase packer.

  3. George Pop

    Which Hassie is that?

  4. Jose Cruz

    Welcome to Osaka….its bad weather but Osaka Castle has its plum trees in bloom.

  5. Andrew Blyth

    So many lenses. Looks like a busy day. Have fun.

  6. Alfie Goodrich

    H4D 60, +George Pop.

    On a shoot all day. Weather not great. Sadly no time to see the blossom.

  7. JJ Lemire

    Why Hasselblad?

  8. Peter Blake

    why not? 

  9. Hong Ji Oh


  10. Zhashen Xiao


  11. Randa Ali

    ما هذا

  12. Oscar De León

    All of that plus the camera you used to take the picture. Color me jealous.

  13. Alfie Goodrich

    Jealous of my poor little iPhone now are you +Oscar De León ? :-)

  14. Alfie Goodrich

    +Peter Blake answered that perfectly well, I think, +JJ Lemire :-) The other answers could include:

    amazing lens quality
    60MP resolution when you need it
    their lovely True Focus feature, for nailing low DOF shots

    Plus, the boss of Hasselblad Japan is a mate and he often lets me borrow cameras to use with my photography students, so I can give feedback, so they can have shots to use on their various media channels.

  15. Thang Nguyen

    I wish I had this as you

  16. Santiago Nievas

    and i too

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