Final shot of the day with Cynthia

It was blowing a gale and not exactly what you'd call 'warm'. But, with our model in the mood and Shinyong holding the softbox down we set about getting the finale shot on last week's shoot.

Wanted this shot for a while. Shinyong has a great rooftop to her flat. One shouldn't really be up there but as long as we're safe, the building management people don't seem to mind.


Nikon D800E
Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S
Alien Bee Ringflash inside a 1mx60cm softbox at camera left
Part of the main shot used for the left facing page in this layout.


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  1. Jackson Orellano

    Genial Excelente toma

  2. luis fernandes

    Did all the snow melt?

  3. Golu Jain

    Beautiful pic sir

  4. Dicky Arief Permana


  5. Alfonso Calero

    nice to see you on google plus

  6. Peter Blake

    +luis fernandes I think she melted all the snow, right?

  7. Marie C

    Love the shot, love the attitude! Nothing is lost in the moment there is softness to it though, girlies we all need to be wearing these we will get what eva we want! When we want… and it makes u feel good this photograph is living proof it must be freezing .. does she look uncomfortable? Great shot

  8. Drew Northup

    I presume this is a proof, given the Lorem Ipsum in the face page…?
    The temperature was stripped from the EXIF data, so I'll have to guess that it wasn't more than 10°C out there.
    Why the softbox in addition to the included diffuser?

  9. Alfie Goodrich

    +Drew Northup No diffuser. You can't have the umbrella attachment for the ringflash AND the diffuser; they don't fit together. Exif gets stripped due to Photoshop's 'save for web' feature. But, yes, cold….

  10. Alfie Goodrich

    …and it is a proof, yes.

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