Cup Ramen Shooting, Volume 2: Shinyong Under the Railway Tracks

What is cup ramen shooting Well, it was a phrase that +Shinyong Lee first mentioned after we'd done a shoot recently which had been so quick. Cup-ramen, or instant noodles in Japan, takes between 3 and 5 minutes to make once you have added boiling water. The last two shoots Shinyong and I have done have been so quick.. so the instant noodle analogy has sort of stuck.

Today's shoot was done to send to Japanese fashion designer, Junko Koshino. Koshino-sensei is soon making a dress especially for Shinyong. The jacket in this shot is a Koshino design. We just wanted to make a shot for Koshino-sensei, with a piece of her clothing and to introduce my photography to her. 

The accent of the shot was to be red: red lips, red nails. The red flash was my idea.

Gear etc on this shot?

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 ED IF
Nikon SB800 flash fitted with a red lens filter [I couldn't find my red gels today, so I just taped a deep-red camera filter over the flash]. The SB800 fired with CN603 trigger and placed about 10m behind the model to give a red accent to the arch. Fired at 1/8th power and 50mm zoom.
Yongnuo560 flash fired to light Shinyong, at 70% power and 50mm zoom.


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  1. Lisa Borel

    Truly great post +Alfie Goodrich!

  2. Richard Henderson

    Great shot Alfie. Where did you place the red flash?

  3. Alfie Goodrich

    About ten meters behind her, right underneath the arch, pointing straight up, +Richard Henderson 

  4. Richard Henderson

    +Alfie Goodrich Hope you secure the work.

  5. Anthony Wood

    Very nice touch with the red on the arch; it goes quite well with the cooler tones of the image.

  6. Alfie Goodrich

    Cheers' +Richard Henderson. It's really just Shinyong being well-mannered and introducing me. The video/stills shoot is already planned and happening. But it will be very nice  to make a broader contact with Junko Koshino. So, every little helps. :-)

  7. Olav Folland

    Excellent +Alfie Goodrich!  

    And I love the ramen idea.- I'll definitely have to try that.  I do something similar with my kids called 'ten frames', but I do the setup beforehand.

  8. Daniel Nava

    nice..   I like the red lighting in the back…   works well with her lips.

  9. John Hoare

    Unbelievably well-detailed Alfie…exposure is nuanced in that PS layers or Zack Arias/Joey L masters of off-camera strobe kinda way…

  10. Alfie Goodrich

    Thanks, +John Hoare. Feel like I now have a grip of flash that I didnt have before. Feels natural and I've got quick at setting things up. Not that there was much to set up here; just two bare strobes. Hope you are well, mate.

  11. Drew Northup

    It's got lines and all, but the color splash makes the shot. With a fair amount of the photography that I've done (some of which is still trapped "on film" and some which I've unfortunately lost) flash (or the appropriate lack thereof) has been the defining element.
    I've been thinking about getting into cave photography and lighting is definitely the prime challenge in that environment (once you manage to get the equipment there, of course).

  12. lupe robles

    Me fascinan tus fotos son realmente hermosas

  13. Alfie Goodrich

    Muchas gracias, +lupe robles :-)

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