My son taking in the view at Shibuya Hikarie Building

This building hasn't been open for so long and it never fails to deliver. I usually always head here if I'm in the area around sunset.

With today's weather – rain and high winds earlier – there were great skies once the worst had passed.

Joe had never been inside before.

Shot this on the iPhone 5C.


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    Beautiful scene.

  2. Stefan Riss

    Love the mood and light and tone. Not speaking of the view. The silhouette of your son makes this special!

  3. Richard Henderson

    A special photo…

  4. Joanna Ohmori

    Oh, goodness!  Joe is getting tall! 

  5. Bo Nielsen

    Awesome, is that a public place, +Alfie Goodrich ?

  6. Alfie Goodrich

    Yes, +Bo Nielsen

  7. Hrvoje Peranovic

    Great photo. You have good eye for that.

  8. Giovanni Piliarvu

    great shot! 

  9. Айрат Курмашев

    very cute pic!!!

  10. Sidhant Kumar


  11. Joe Anand

    wow, I was in shibuya around 5 pm today.

  12. Alfie Goodrich

    You around in Japan for long, +Joe Anand ?

  13. Joe Anand

    Overall, I have lived in Japan for 4 years +Alfie Goodrich . How about you?

  14. Alfie Goodrich

    Sorry.. mistook 'from Chennai' to mean living there. Been here seven years myself. But was coming and going from UK to Japan for about eight years before that.

  15. Joe Anand

    I'm in Tokyo, on a short-term assignment for 3 months. Perhaps once I get a long-term project, I will update the location info :-)

  16. Ponte Ryuurui

    Very cinematic, it actually looks like ascreenshot from a PC game trailer.

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