Sakura Season, 2014: Shinagawa Inter-City

What with living here for seven years and coming and going for more than double that, I've seen the sakura in Japan maybe 10 or 12 times now. 

This year I have a personal project for shooting the blossoms. This shot isn't a part of that but I couldn't not take this scene and with anyone's photography, alongside the 'project' there should always be room for single shots. Often the trend recently has been for projects, projects, projects… it's tiresome. 

I shot this whilst doing a lesson with someone. A lot of the time I don't even take my camera with me when I teach. I prefer the 'golf pro' approach to teaching photography: the golf pro doesn't bring his clubs to the lesson. He teaches you with yours. If the student is struggling, the best thing is to shoot something with their own camera that makes them go wow. That way they understand that with more practice, they can do it. 

But, I was off somewhere else after the lesson and had my camera on me. 

..and I like this part of Shinagawa, especially when there is a little nature to contrast with the man-made textures.


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  1. Joanna Ohmori

    Very lovely!!

  2. Paula Pinto

    Great photo

  3. Vasja M.


  4. Laura Salamanca Lopéz

    +shelly guayana see this pic 😉 I know you will like

  5. Ann Mckechnie

    Wow x

  6. Jittamet Chalongpantarat

    You the Best.

  7. Alf-Harald Aarra

    Det var fint bilde

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