New business card makes me proud of my eldest son

I shot a pic of my eldest son, Joe, the other week… just an iPhone shot but a great moment: makes me feel, with him today starting a new school, like in this shot he's looking out onto his future.

So, I put it on the reverse side of my new business card. Makes me feel super proud every time I hand one out.

Of course, I feel proud of all three of my kids…. but the first one is always kind of special in another way.

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  1. Ivan Yudhi

    That's from iPhone? Whoa…

  2. Alfie Goodrich

    5C, +Ivan Yudhi. Plenty of resolution to print nicely at 90x55mm. 

  3. Ivan Yudhi

    +Alfie Goodrich This is one of great example of 'Camera doesn't take good photos.. People take good photos' Well done! I love the image..

  4. Alfie Goodrich

    "'Camera doesn't take good photos.. People take good photos' "

    Very true. Which always makes me baffled as to why the retro film-loving snob crowd think their medium is better, purer etc etc than digital. Cos if it's the eye and the image which are key, what difference does the medium make?

  5. Olga van Saane

    so well said, +Alfie Goodrich !! (and the BC is great, too – very special, indeed, with the personal touch to it.)

  6. Travis Modisette

    New cards look get. I like the lines and shadows

  7. Steve Jaszczak

    Looks great!

  8. Nigal Raymond

    Great photo of a pensive moment combined with nice clean typography. Love it.

  9. John Arnett

    This one could easily read "Ready For The World"… 

  10. Alfie Goodrich

    RFTW – memories churned of one-hit wonder 80s or 90s pop music with that comment, +John Arnett :-)

  11. George Pop

    We should get together and talk, according to your business card you live near me, I'm also in Minami-oi, Shinagawa ku. 

  12. Debdwi Afan

    May he have a very happy one!

  13. Kelli Seeger Kim

    Oh, +Alfie Goodrich  – I love that!  And I'm not dealing as gracefully as you, with mine growing up.  I'm working on that.  Maybe a nice trip to Japan would take my mind off of it.  grin

  14. Gerard van Schip

    +Alfie Goodrich what a fantastic idea. I have some great shots of my son, can I steal your idea 😉 ?

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