From the archives: Tokyo in infra-red

Four years ago I had the loan of an infra-red converted Nikon D300 and spent a few weeks shooting various subjects.

This shot has been published in several magazines, most recently in Air Mexico's inflight magazine.

I first used infra-red back in the film days when mostly it was the back and white film I was shooting. 

Using the Nikon was a blessed release from the myriad of challenges of infra-red film, which included….

..wrapping the camera in tin-foil to stop y¥the heat from your face fogging the film

..wrapping the developing tank in foil to avoid the heat from your hands fogging the film

etc etc

For white balance when using this Nikon DSLR I was using the 'custom' feature and setting WB from any nearby patch of green grass. It created shots that were predominantly of a brown spectrum, which allowed me – through Photoshop – to create 'false colour' shots like this.

Great fun andI would love to get one of my cameras converted, which is easy enough and not crazy expensive.

Nikon D300 Infra-Red Conversion
Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AiS

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  1. James Carlo Luchavez

    Wow. :O

  2. Sianty Puspita


  3. Ed Caraccioli

    Empire State Building from Central Park ? – 

  4. Alfie Goodrich

    NTT building from Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo, +Ed Caraccioli :-)

  5. Photo Mania Global

    Dear +Alfie Goodrich 
    Congratulations! Your wonderful photograph has been selected through +Photo Mania Japan  to be displayed at +Photo Mania Global ! You’re cordially invited to visit us at +Photo Mania Global and check out the daily selection of the very best photographs from all over the world shared at our Photo Mania country pages!
    +Nicole Gruber is wishing you a great day ❤

  6. Alfie Goodrich

    Thanks, +Photo Mania Global :-)

  7. Miguel Almeida

    Very nice IR photograph and congrats on the publication(s).
    +Alfie Goodrich 

  8. Alfie Goodrich

    Thanks, +Miguel Almeida I get a bit blasé about the publications. If I am not getting them, something's not working right :-) But thanks. 

  9. Ignatius Ngochi

    Good stuff man

  10. Cecilia Zackrisson


  11. Mizanur rahman

    hellow mr. goodrich no tension i'm always with you?ok bi,

  12. Cleomar Chaves

    As de pors

  13. Madoka Ikegami

    so beautiful..

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