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‘Drive’: ebook featuring Hayate, Shinyong & Alfie Goodrich

Behind the scenes with Hayate and Shinyong: fusing modern Japanese shamisen music with high fashion choreography…. Very happy to announce this new ebook [my first]; the result of a collaboration with my good…


Music Photography in Tokyo: Genie Lynx & Little Dynamite Sex at Morph

Last week I made it out to Morph in Roppongi for another gig featuring two bands promoted by the Yellow Punx agency I have been doing some work for recently. Once again, Little…


Fashion photography in Japan: Mari Hirao

I recently spent the day around Kamakura and the Hayama Peninsula with Tokyo fashion model, Mari Hirao. Here’s a selection of shots from our shoot, from some of my favourite spots in the…


Character portraits for a Tokyo actor

A young actor living and working in Tokyo approached me to do some ‘character’ shots. We ended up having a lot of fun around the streets of Yurakucho one night….. Nozomi Orlando de…


Ten-page feature in Air Mexico’s magazine

The thrill of seeing work in print never goes away. It’s always a great buzz to work on a feature for a magazine and this is my second collaboration with ‘Accent’ magazine; the…


On location with William & Noriko

Teaching photography is one of my greatest pleasures. It’s nothing to do with me and all about the people I am teaching. In the tightrope-walking world of needing to promote my skills and…


Stekki magazine special: Cynthia Popper

Cynthia Popper first approached me not long after she arrived in Tokyo. The first thing we did together was to walk for half a day around some of Tokyo’s backstreets: me showing her…

Fashion portrait photography in Tokyo: Mari Nishimura

Fashion portraits in Tokyo: Mari Nishimura

This article could also be called ‘How To Get The Best Value for Money Studio for Six Hours’… Shooting in the studio is not something I do very much of. When I need…

United Airlines Hemispheres magazine

Getting the cover of United Airlines magazine

It’s not often you get to step onto a plane operated by one of the world’s biggest airlines and find the inflight magazine has a photo by you on the front cover. Well,…

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Book

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Book

One of the best things about getting back from my recent two-week shoot in Europe and the US [apart, obviously, from seeing the wife and kids again] was finding my copy of the…

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