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Seminar: Beginning Product Photography

Start small. One of the best ways to practice lighting is to start with product photography. In addition to being a commercially viable skill, the models don’t complain when you take forever to…

Danger, Will Robinson!

How many lights in this shot?

One of the best places to find models is Akihabara. No. Not those girls. They have enough creepy dudes taking pictures of them. When I am experimenting with new ideas, I’ll often turn…

Temple statue in Kuhombutsu, Tokyo, by Ron Inman

Photo workshop: shooting music CD artwork

It’s great fun to go out, discover new places and shoot. It’s a lot more interesting to do this if you also have some sort of theme or project to focus on whilst…


“Two Days Out With Liam” or “Why I Teach”

Getting great shots myself is a buzz but nowhere near the buzz of teaching others to get great shots. When I started teaching photography, I was asked by a few fellow professionals ‘…aren’t…


Some pearls of my photographic widsom: Part 1

One of the things that makes me chuckle these days is the inordinate amount of websites based solely around lists. They also all use plenty of hyperbole and melodrama…. The 50 Best Black…


Composition 101: The Basic ‘Rules’.

Composition truly is, IMHO, the foundation of good photography. You may have great gear and know all the basics of ISO, aperture and speed [exposure] but if you’re not paying attention to some…

Gas containers by Berndt and Hilla Becher

Using history to shape the ‘now’

My project for this week is focused on typologies and swanky shops in Tokyo, air-conditioning the streets by leaving the doors open, could be the perfect subject to focus on. History has lessons…


History of Photography classes in Tokyo

To understand the history of photography or even to be able to recognise some photos by a few of the great photographers of each significant ere of photography’s history is to understand your…


Telling stories with one photo

‘Every picture tells a story’. It’s an old cliche. In fact, it’s a proverb – apparently. But whatever the origin of that phrase one thing is for sure, some photos tell stories better…


Simple photography projects: The Square Kilometer

Photography is a wonderful hobby which gives us all the opportunity to have some fun, share our view of the world with other people and – if we can – learn something about…

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