Coming of Age Day in Tokyo

Monday was Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day in Japan. It’s a day when 20 year-olds engage in a ceremony to celebrate their coming of age. The ladies typically dress up…


Stekki Magazine No.6: Fashion photography with Mari Hirao

The latest edition of Stekki Magazine is here, featuring the Kobe-born and Tokyo-based model, Mari Hirao. The pics are from a shoot I recently did with Mari in Kamakura and Hayama. The shots…


Photography in Tokyo: In Praise of Shinagawa Inter-City

I spent a lot of years visiting Japan and subsequently living in the Shinagawa area before I ever though there was much to see or do in Shinagawa, except use the train station….

Stekki - an online magazine for lovers of photography and japan

Stekki Magazine: Tohoku workshop special edition

The second edition of Stekki, my online magazine for lovers of photography and Japan, is available for free viewing and download now. You can see it online at here. Or you can…


Photography zine: Stekki, first issue

First issue of Stekki* magazine is done and online at It’s a slimline ‘special edition’ based just on one afternoon’s shooting with Mari Nishimura. I am finishing off the Tohoku workshop edition…

Photo workshop in Tohoku, end of April

At the end of this month I'll be going up to our place in Fukushima, in Ishikawa-machi. Ami's spending spring break up there so I'm taking the opportunity to drop her off, spend…


A Day Out On The Coast

 This Sunday just passed, Alfie, the family and I ventured down to the coastal area of Nishi-Izu for the day. It was a fairly long journey, we set out at around 9am from…


A Few Of The Best From Our Flickr Group

Alfie’s nephew Tim posting again on Japanorama!   Here are a few of my personal favourites from the Japanorama Flickr group that have been posted in the last few weeks… This first image…


A Welshman In Tokyo

Hello students, fans of Alfie’s work and visitors to the site! My name is Tim and I’m Alfie’s nephew from Wales (it’s the small country next to England that is often overlooked!). I…


Model photography workshop in Miyazaki

Beautiful beach and old town locations, a team of wonderful models, two days of shooting, one day of post-pro, critique and large-format printing. Last call for the few places left on this terrific…

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