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RB67 127mm lens on the Nikon D800E

Mamiya RB67 Lenses on Nikon D800E

Some days I miss owning my old Mamiya RB67 camera. Now I don’t have to miss it so much, as I have an adaptor to fit the lenses onto my Nikon D800E! The…

Natsuki Doll in the sea, Miyazaki, Japan

Protector filters are a sales gimmick: my tips for lens protection & use

I discovered The Phoblographer website when I started using the Flipboard app on my iPhone. Incidentally, if you don’t know that app then check it out as it is a great way of…

Shinjuku Yatai with the Tamron 24-70

In Defense of 3rd Party Lenses

I’ve been burned by lenses, too. My most disappointing purchase was the Nikon 18-200. I bought it when I got my first Nikon DLSR, and I was… disappointed. I wondered why everything looked…

Epson R-D1 Digital Rangefinder Camera

Back to my roots with the Epson R-D1

A little update, as there are some things I missed out of the initial post – which was written in haste before heading out to teach: 1. The Viewfinder on the Epson is…

Lexar Japan Photography Competition

Lexar Professional Photography Competition

We have a new collaboration and partnership with Lexar Japan and are very pleased to announce a photography competition on the theme of ‘Memory’, with around $2000 worth of prizes. Memory: how would you sum-up…


Small yet perfectly formed

Over the past few weeks I have been falling back in love with my 20mm lens. Serial number 231270, mine hails from around 1982 and has been with me since about 1992. It’s…


Buying 101

Bellamy Hunt delves a little deeper into the camera-buyer’s mind.

Lens aperture and flare

What is in a glass?

Bellamy Hunt examines if your glass is half-full or half-empty.

iPhone 4 Camera: Worst Phone Camera Ever?

Coal Miki-Restall highlights some astonishing white-balance issues.

Back in the tilt, shift & swing of things

Alfie re-discovers the joys of camera movements.

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