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Alfie Goodrich first picked up a camera at five years-old. He had his first work published in 1991, aged 23. Since 2007, he has been living and working in Japan as a freelance photographer and photography teacher. 

Alfie’s work is broad in nature, spanning photojournalism, portraiture, fashion, cars, events and more. His recent clients have included Haneda Airport [Tokyo International Air Terminal TIAT], Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Deutsche-Bahn, United Airlines, KLM, Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Air Mexico and various magazine publishing houses across the world including Conde Naste, Ink and Redwood Publishing. You can see a broader list of clients, here.

In early 2015, Alfie had the honour of serving as official photographer to HRH The Duke of Cambridge during the occasion of his official visit to Japan. You can see a selection of the photos here, at the Flickr page of the British Embassy in Tokyo.

Photography is more than just taking photos. Alfie and Japanorama offer a full production service that covers all aspects of organising a photoshoot, from finding and scouting locations, organising interviews and liasing with shoot/interview subjects, logistics and planning, drivers, assistants, hair and make-up artists and more.

Recent productions have included:

Deutsche-Bahn [DB Schenker-Seino]: brief was to shoot their 10-tonne delivery truck in a variety of iconic Tokyo and Japanese locations

  • Extensive location-scouting around the Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba regions
  • Three-day shoot involving a five-person team, across locations spanning Tokyo, Narita, Kawasaki, Miura Penisula
  • Driver, crew vehicle and assistant
  • Post-production of a portfoilio of shots for calendar, company brochure, 5oth Anniversay corporate book, internal PR newsletters

TIAT [Tokyo International Air Terminal / Haneda Airport]: production of panorama photos and video for display on a 16metre screen in the airport

This is an ongoing project with a third overseas shoot happening in late 2014, for one month.

  • Location scouting and planning in multiple locations across France, Germany, New York, the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai and Indonesia, combining experience of actual site visits, previous site visits and Google Earth/Google Maps, interactive maps and location profiles to create rich location data that was shared across all the personnel involved in the production.
  • 14-day shoot in Europe and US, with all logistics organised by us
  • 23-day shoot as part of larger, 12-person crew, in Indonesia, Dubai, Thailand and Malaysia
  • Production of high-resolution panoramic stills for 16metre, 36-panel 4K screen in the new international terminal of Haneda Airport [typically between 16000pixels and 42000pixels large], using panoramic stitching and HDR blending software.
  • Design and layout of a 200pp book about the shoot [InDesign]

Mercedes-AMG magazine: brief was to produce a photo-feature on the samurai spirit and AMG [publication autumn 2014]

  • Location scouting around Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Amanohasidate
  • Liason [in Japanese] with top samurai masters and Japan’s leading sword-maker, to arrange the photoshoots, locations and interviews for the writer
  • Production of a five-day shooting schedule, with maps detailing all locations, routes and waypoints
  • Three-person crew, five days in the field: photographer/driver, assistant, writer [all hotels, transport and welfare organised by us]
  • One-day of shooting with a car in multiple locations across Kansai: organised all logistics regarding car delivery, use, shooting and pickup.
  • Post-production of shots and layout of draft story PDF

The three examples above were fairly big productions, with fairly large budgets. We are dealing with a range of small and medium sized projects on a daily basis.

Below you will find a gallery showing some of our previous work. After the gallery are some details about some of the other services we offer.

If you need to know more or don’t see a service that fits your needs, send us a mail and we will be happy to reply with more details.

For more photography and a more detailed, genre-specific portfolio, please visit

If you have enquiry about commissioning Alfie for something specific, please send a message via the contact page. Thanks.

Photography classes, lessons and training

Photography courses for beginners and advanced students…

We have been running our English language photography classes in Tokyo for since 2007 and were recently featured in Travel & Leisure magazine. See the article below and click on the picture for a larger version, which has text big enough for you to read.

We have regular workshops as well as one-to-one and small group lessons, catering for everyone from beginners who may just have bought their first DSLR, all the way up to advanced photographers in need of specialised instruction.

The most current information about our photography classes is on a page you will find by clicking here.

Guided photographic walks inTokyo and other parts of Japan

A professional photographer as your guide….

If you are either a keen photographer or just want to take advantage of the fact that our photographer wanders, on average, around 60km a week through Tokyo shooting photos, why not book one of our photography walks? For over a decade British professional photographer Alfie Goodrich has been visiting Japan and documenting the country, its landscape and people. Now permanently resident in Tokyo, Alfie organises photographic walks which also double as a lesson; see the city and learn more about how best to capture it.

Find out more about our guided photo walks here.

It’s difficult to keep a busy website 100% current, especially when things are busy. So, for most recent samples of Alfie’s work you could also try the following links:


About Japanorama

Japanorama is run by British professional photographer, Alfie Goodrich, and provides practical photography teaching in Tokyo. Weekly workshops, group and one-to-one lessons bring together photographers of all ages and abilities.

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