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Creativity Rules

Our most recent workshop reminded us again that creativity – not gear – is the crux of good photography (top photo by Simon Hunter)

Have I got enough?

Better to get it right in-camera but ‘enough’ is OK when you know what you need.

Recent composition workshop

On a compositional theme we explored from Tsukishima through to Monzen-nakacho

Why I always carry my camera…

…even out on to my balcony to have a smoke.

Hugh goes at right-angles

One more person who caught the right-angle finder bug from me tells his story.

Yokohama Photowalk: Sat. 22nd May

Gallery of photos from the areas we explored last week.


Japanorama’s Irwin Wong took some time off to visit Aomori and Hokkaido.  Click through for leg one of the journey.

Photography project: TIME

Create three shots on a theme of ‘time’ with this new project.

Photography project: Shadows

With the coming of harsh summer light, here’s something you CAN do with it.

Shoot the kids!

Our recent workshop produced some great shots. We showcase a few here.

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