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Mixing flash & ambient light

A gallery full of example shots and a cheat-sheet to take you through the basics of balancing ambient light with flash.

The bridge at the end of the rainbow

One week, a stack of photos and I feel myself falling in love with Tokyo’s ‘Rainbow Bridge’.

How I did this: monochrome HDR

In the average week I get asked lots of times: ‘how you do that?’ So, here starts a new series of articles on that theme.

The purifying waters

Water purification fountains are a feature of Japanese shrines and Alfie has a bit of a thing about them.

Photographing Tokyo Station

The ballet of mass-movement to be enjoyed at Tokyo Station. A great photographer’s playground.

Strobist Workshop Overview – 28 June

Last Sunday’s workshop was a wet one. Click through for photos and more info!

Get Down! Shoot from a new perspective

You may need to hold a camera to your eye, most of the time, to get your shots. But that doesn’t mean you have to be standing up!

Photography lessons in Tokyo

Do you live in Japan and want to learn photography in English? We run lessons for photographers of all skill levels.

The Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 lens: King of Bokeh?

This Nikon legend still only exists in manual-focus form but that takes nothing away from its deserved reputation as one of the Kings of Bokeh.


Photography for beginners: understanding aperture, Pt.2

The most basic description of ‘depth of field’ is the portion of a scene which appears in sharp focus. Now, if you will excuse the potential for plaigiarism, I would like to quote…

About Japanorama

Japanorama is run by British professional photographer, Alfie Goodrich, and provides practical photography teaching in Tokyo. Weekly workshops, group and one-to-one lessons bring together photographers of all ages and abilities.

We also welcome submissions of photos and articles for this site, so please get in touch via our contact page. Thanks.

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