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Yumi Nishida by Alfie Goodrich. Makeup by Kanako Furuta

Mood Board vs Final Results?

Last week I spent three days shooting with William Ishiwata, who was up in Tokyo from Kyushu for some model shooting. How did the results compare with the mood boards we made prior…

Stu Ablett's vase

Beginning Product Photography Redux (Wow! Thanks, everyone!)

Wow. I am flattered, everyone. In fact, I’m skipping lunch as we speak to deal with all of the emails of interest in the Beginning Product Photography seminar. Thank you so much for…


Photowalk: Yurakucho to Kanda in the rain

Shooting some street photography, catching the typhoon rain and showing Liam from Australia some good spots to shoot with telephoto lenses. A great afternoon out with the cameras and a chance to catch…


Photo history ‘follow Friday’: Andreas Feininger

The second in our series of articles about iconic photographers who, if they were alive and had a Twitter account, you’d want to follow. Part Two of the video here Part Three of…


Photowalk, July 2nd: Texture

I recently met with a gallery and agency owner who is interested in putting on shows by Japanorama’s students. So, this walk will be one targeted at getting you started on a search…


Cindy Sherman: Characters

This video, from Art21.org, is an interview with Cindy Sherman who has been getting into ‘character’ for the last 30 years. At first people commented these were ‘self portraits’ but the ‘self’ that…


Making a tin-type

I showed this video to students last weekend as part of the Introduction to the History of Photography Pt.1 class. I’m sure everyone will get something from watching it but for those who…

Girl with a Leica by Alexander Rodchenko

Photo-history ‘Follow Friday’

The folk I’ll be suggesting you ‘follow’ in this post don’t have Twitter accounts; they are all dead people. But if they did have Twitter, you WOULD certainly want to follow their work….


History of Photography classes in Tokyo

To understand the history of photography or even to be able to recognise some photos by a few of the great photographers of each significant ere of photography’s history is to understand your…


Tokyo mash-ups, getting ‘signed’ & some news from Blurb.com

And on the second day, Alfie created a book cover. Yep, reckon this shot [above] is gonna be the cover of a book about street photography I am preparing. Only shot another six…

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