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Coast road near Minami-boso: monochrome seascape with Hasselblad H4D-40

Another shot from Saturday's outing to Boso, Chiba. You can see another shot from this day out, here:  http://blog.alfiegoodrich.com/pre-typhoon-swells-the-coast-near-komagawa-chiba-japan/ This shot was made as we entered Minami-boso, when the light had reached a…

Samurai master, Tanaka Fumon: photoshoot for AMG Magazine, 2014

As the magazine finally nears publication, I can start to share a few f the shots that didn’t make it. Last year I organised a five-day shoot for Mercedes-AMG Magazine, based around the…

Aerial photography in Tokyo: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay & Rainbow Bridge

This was shot towards the end of December, when +Ben Torode was good enough to offer me the spare seat in the R44 chopper he rented for an aerial photo session. Perfect weather, a…


A day out in Chichibu and Saitama

A few weeks ago my son and I headed out to Chichibu in Saitama, north west of Tokyo. Here are some pics from our day out. Chichibu is somewhere I had never really…

Bear left: roadsign in Chichibu, Saitama, Japan

One of the shots from a recent day out myself and my son had around Chichibu, north west of Tokyo. Loads more in this gallery on my site, including a load of shots…

RB67 127mm lens on the Nikon D800E

Mamiya RB67 Lenses on Nikon D800E

Some days I miss owning my old Mamiya RB67 camera. Now I don’t have to miss it so much, as I have an adaptor to fit the lenses onto my Nikon D800E! The…

Tokyo int he snow: heaviest snowfall for a decade

Tokyo in the snow: heaviest falls for a decade?

After a tiring weekend, driving up to Minamisoma and back on an food-aid delivery, I didn’t really feel up to much today and got up late. Mind you, very happy we came back from…

Natsuki Doll in the sea, Miyazaki, Japan

Protector filters are a sales gimmick: my tips for lens protection & use

I discovered The Phoblographer website when I started using the Flipboard app on my iPhone. Incidentally, if you don’t know that app then check it out as it is a great way of…

My two and half year-old son shooting my Nikon D700 and 50mm f/1.2 lens

My two and half year-old shooting Nikon D700 & 50mm

They say creativity often runs in the family. ‘They’ might be right if these few shots my two and half year-old son, Charlie, took the other week are anything to go by. Myself,…

Shinjuku Yatai with the Tamron 24-70

In Defense of 3rd Party Lenses

I’ve been burned by lenses, too. My most disappointing purchase was the Nikon 18-200. I bought it when I got my first Nikon DLSR, and I was… disappointed. I wondered why everything looked…

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