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Photo tours of Tokyo and Japan

Photography Walks & Tours in Tokyo, Japan

Guided Photographic Walks & Tours in Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo-based professional photographer & photography teacher, Alfie Goodrich, as your guide. [photo above by Shelly Han, taken during her photo tour] If you are either a…

Temple statue in Kuhombutsu, Tokyo, by Ron Inman

Photo workshop: shooting music CD artwork

It’s great fun to go out, discover new places and shoot. It’s a lot more interesting to do this if you also have some sort of theme or project to focus on whilst…

Shibuya in the rain by Alfie Goodrich

Tokyo: A Life Cinematic

Pondering the movie that is ‘life in Tokyo’.

Post-pro case-studies

The workflow on a shot with strong sun, deep shade & weird mixed lighting.

Why I always carry my camera…

…even out on to my balcony to have a smoke.

The World at my Feet

Following the workshop I did for kids last week, a bunch of us took to the streets on the same theme.

Urban Fragments

New magazine layouts from our recent walk around the Sky Tree part of town.

Filters in black and white photography

A quick look at using coloured filters in black & white photography

Back in the tilt, shift & swing of things

Alfie re-discovers the joys of camera movements.


Simple depth of field excercises

It’s all just chunks of space in focus. These excercises show you how much.

About Japanorama

Japanorama is run by British professional photographer, Alfie Goodrich, and provides practical photography teaching in Tokyo. Weekly workshops, group and one-to-one lessons bring together photographers of all ages and abilities.

We also welcome submissions of photos and articles for this site, so please get in touch via our contact page. Thanks.

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