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Typhoon 15 [Roke] hits Tokyo

The Japanese typhoon season has been pretty rough so far. A couple of weeks ago a typhoon left a trail of destruction and 87 people dead as it swept across the south of…


In praise of the umbrella

I have an umbrella fetish. There, I said it. Owning up to one’s addictions is the first step towards a cure but I see no end in sight to my craving for the…

Tokyo Blanc et Noir: Ginza

Some shots from the weekend street photography workshop in Ginza.

People of Tokyo: Shinbashi

A monochrome wander around Shinbashi in the rain, with just a 50mm.

Rainy day in Tokyo

A bunch of shots from yesterday shot between or on lessons with students.

The ‘Ooooh’ of a ty-phoon!

People here think I’m mad for going to shoot in a typhoon. But you just dont see ’em in England very often.

Umbrellas and Parasols of Japan

Wind, rain, sun… they all bring out the parasol or umbrella. Here is a photographic look across Japan at the fashionable, the practical: the umbrella and parasol.

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