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Photo tours of Tokyo and Japan

Photography Walks & Tours in Tokyo, Japan

Guided Photographic Walks & Tours in Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo-based professional photographer & photography teacher, Alfie Goodrich, as your guide. [photo above by Shelly Han, taken during her photo tour] If you are either a…


“Two Days Out With Liam” or “Why I Teach”

Getting great shots myself is a buzz but nowhere near the buzz of teaching others to get great shots. When I started teaching photography, I was asked by a few fellow professionals ‘…aren’t…


On and off the rails: a day on the trains in Tokyo

Just subsequent to writing an article about trainspotting in Tokyo, I took a group of photographers on a workshop around the Yamanote Line and onto the shinkansen platforms of Tokyo Station. The idea…


Train of thought

Just a day after admitting a penchant for umbrellas, here I am confessing to being a trainspotter. As someone just pointed out on Facebook, the next thing will be my ‘fessing-up about my…

Momiji in Todoroki, Tokyo

Photowalk in Todoroki Ravine

The results of two recent excursions to this lovely corner of Tokyo.

Photography project: Leading the Eye

A new project for this week kicks off a series on leading the eye.

Photography project: The Car Park

Finding interest & beauty in the mundane surroundings of your local parking-lot.

Life three metres out in Tokyo’s backstreets

Alfie spends the day touring Jared, a music producer from Vermont, around classic backstreet Tokyo.

Photowalk: Kamata to Omori

What better way to spend a sunny Tuesday afternoon than a nice photowalk with one’s son.

Sakura: the end of days

A few quick scenes from the final act of this year’s cherry-blossom and hanami season.

About Japanorama

Japanorama is run by British professional photographer, Alfie Goodrich, and provides practical photography teaching in Tokyo. Weekly workshops, group and one-to-one lessons bring together photographers of all ages and abilities.

We also welcome submissions of photos and articles for this site, so please get in touch via our contact page. Thanks.

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