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Tokyo int he snow: heaviest snowfall for a decade

Tokyo in the snow: heaviest falls for a decade?

After a tiring weekend, driving up to Minamisoma and back on an food-aid delivery, I didn’t really feel up to much today and got up late. Mind you, very happy we came back from…


Matsuri madness

There’s a lot less festivals in Japan this year as many of the bigger ones were cancelled in the wake of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. Those that are happening are tending…


Small yet perfectly formed

Over the past few weeks I have been falling back in love with my 20mm lens. Serial number 231270, mine hails from around 1982 and has been with me since about 1992. It’s…


A Night of Snow: Tokyo, Feb. 2011

In delightfully synchronous style I was sat in my local bar last night, with the Metropolis magazine 2011 calendar on the wall nearby opened at my photo of the snow in Shibuya last…

Wide angle lens and monochrome photowalk in Tokyo

Photowalk: Wide and monochrome

Even Alfie managed to stay away from his 50mm for a whole day!

The Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X

If you are looking for an ultra-wide lens for your Nikon, in my opinion this is better than Nikon’s 12-24 AF-S DX.

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