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Photography bookstores in Jinbocho

Last week I explored some great photography bookshops in Jinbocho with my buddy Mike. I’m going back to the neighbourhood this weekend for a photowalk, some photo-history chit-chat and to explore the shops…

Gas containers by Berndt and Hilla Becher

Using history to shape the ‘now’

My project for this week is focused on typologies and swanky shops in Tokyo, air-conditioning the streets by leaving the doors open, could be the perfect subject to focus on. History has lessons…


Telling stories with one photo

‘Every picture tells a story’. It’s an old cliche. In fact, it’s a proverb – apparently. But whatever the origin of that phrase one thing is for sure, some photos tell stories better…


Simple photography projects: The Square Kilometer

Photography is a wonderful hobby which gives us all the opportunity to have some fun, share our view of the world with other people and – if we can – learn something about…

The letter 'J' in an umbrella handle

From A-Z via B, C & D

A photographic journey across a great part of town hunting down the alphabet.

Arno Adellars on the Red Couch; photograph copyright Horst Wackerbrath

The Red Couch

In praise of the photographic project, I pick a special book from my shelves.

Project: The World Above My Head

Recent workshop reversed the theme of our recent ‘world at my feet’ series.

Yokohama Photowalk: Sat. 22nd May

Gallery of photos from the areas we explored last week.


Japanorama’s Irwin Wong took some time off to visit Aomori and Hokkaido.  Click through for leg one of the journey.

Photowalk: Rokugoudote to Kawasaki Daishi

An afternoon wander around the interface between Tokyo & Kanagawa.

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