About photographer Alfie Goodrich


Japanorama is the creation of Alfie Goodrich, a British-born freelance photographer and photography educator who now lives in Tokyo.

The company provides the working umbrella for all of Alfie’s commercial shooting, teaching and workshop activities. It’s also the parent organisation behind ‘Stekki’ magazine, an online magazine that is now up to its 14th issue.

In 2016, Japanorama and Stekki will be embarking on some exciting new projects, including a new magazine focused more on cars, car enthusiasts, travel and food in Japan.

Alfie continues to be busy on private projects and commercial photography. For a little more about him and his work, visit this page at his portfolio website.

After eight years online and providing all sorts of photography and Japan related content, this site was very recently hacked off the air. So, we’re making a gradual comeback and I hope you’ll bear with us and come back again soon to check how we’re getting on.