Marii Hirao shot for Housing Japan magazine by Alfie Goodrich

Designing and producing a print magazine: Housing Japan, Vol.11

In April of 2017 the second edition of the Housing Japan magazine under my design tenure came out. It proved more popular than the first edition, Vol.10, which I’d worked on. Here’s a little run-down of some of the main items in this newest edition. I look forward to doing Vol.12, in Aril of 2018.

One of the main themes we have been working on with the magazine is designing the over around a theme of ‘capability’ and our cover model this year, Mari, certainly conjures that feeling in the photo featured on the cover of Vol.11.

It was a pleasure to see that particular shot chosen for the cover, as it was from the first proper shoot that Mari and I did together, a few years ago in Kamakura and Hayama.  There is a feature inside with more photos of Mari and a short interview with her.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks, specifically, to the following people :

  • Hashimoto-san at Housing Japan for his continued support and confidence.
  • Adam German at the company, for his guidance, good humour, solid marketing advice, writing and knowledge of the sector.
  • Robin Sakai for being with me every step of the way on this issue; at the shoots, agonising over layout, helping with proof-reading and generally being my sounding-board and wingman for the whole project.
  • Mari for gracing the cover.
  • Ben Torode for, once again, a superb ‘welcome’ image for pages eight and nine.
  • Derek Makishima for his lovely set of shots of Hayashi-san and his beautiful E-Type Jaguar.
  • Inoue-san and Hayashi-san for sparing their time to be interviewed and photographed for this issue.

…and a long list of other folks who helped me put it all together, get it printed and delivered.

Here’s a few screengrabs of some of my favourite parts of the magazine.¬†

Here’s the whole magazine:


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