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Advance Strobe Class: Water Games – Sunday June 24th

Water is a lot of fun to play with. I’ve spent hours taking photos of water drops, attempting to get that perfect shot. We won’t spend hours on drops though. once we’ve got…


Introduction to product photography – Sunday, June 17th

I’ve taught this introduction to product photography class quite a few times now. It’s popular, and it’s a perfect place to jump into off-camera flash, and a good primer to have before you…

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Strobe class: Intro to mug shots, passport photos, and other basic head shots

Following up on the introduction to product photography class, Here’s an introduction to people photography class! Hopefully, you’ve had time to tinker around with off-camera strobes, and had fun shooting all of the…

Lighting a shoe horn's day

CLOSED: Intro to product photography

Last month I opened my Japanorama studio classes with a basic product photography course, and it seems to have gone off swimmingly. Thanks to everyone who came out and shot! I know some…

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Beginning Product Photography Redux (Wow! Thanks, everyone!)

Wow. I am flattered, everyone. In fact, I’m skipping lunch as we speak to deal with all of the emails of interest in the Beginning Product Photography seminar. Thank you so much for…

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Seminar: Beginning Product Photography

Start small. One of the best ways to practice lighting is to start with product photography. In addition to being a commercially viable skill, the models don’t complain when you take forever to…

Charlie Goodrich: shooting photos of your kids

Shooting photos of kids, part 325

Mum was out for the evening, so we had a play with the cameras.


Ooh me ring(flash)!

Irwin Wong takes a look at the Orbis ringflash adapter.  This is one ring that shan’t be cast into the fires of Mount Doom. Insert other ring-related gags here. Then Frodo stirred and…

Shoot the kids!

Our recent workshop produced some great shots. We showcase a few here.

Shooting Tokyo streets at night

We had a packed class last week for our Ginza night photowalk. Some pics and a run-down of what we did.

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