The Enevu Cube light is a cool new product that I just got my hands on here in Tokyo. Being a snapper, I decided to try it out with some night-time photography. A couple of nights ago, Norie and I hooked up in Roppongi for a few snaps….

I recently got sent two Enevu Cube lights: one with the white base and one black. We’ve had some fun with them at home already. My daughter recently built a little den and the Enevu looks great lighting that up. I’ll get a shot of that soon; she needs to tidy it up a bit first!

We’ve also used the Enevu Cube for a bunch of other stuff: a reading light in bed [the light has a little hook to hang it up], a soft light for late at night mellow time in our living-room, both lights set to their ‘coloured’ mode on the table for some mood after dinner.

The Enevu Cube has three white-light settings: dim, medium and bright. Then you have a colour mode, with the light cycling through pink, red, orange, blue and green [and subtle shades in between each]. Once the light reaches a colour you like, one more press of the button on the base of the light locks your chosen colour.

Simple design, runs on AAA batteries, great colours, nice clean white light [especially for photography].

Shooting fashion photography with the Enevu Cube Light Shooting fashion photography with the Enevu Cube Light

We’ve already absorbed the lights into our life in the house and outside.

Norie and I also had a lot of fun shooting with the one light. I wanted to get out to shoot with both… but my daughter has basically taken possession of the other one and won’t let it go!

I look forward to getting a few more and doing something more creative with them on location at night.

But, even with one light we had some fun.

All pics shot with the Nikon D3S, Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Ai. The colour and monochrome settings were all done in-camera.

Tokyo Night Street Fashion Photography with Norie and the Enevu Cube Light