Tokyo taxis: looking down from Tokyu Plaza, Ginza

A little walk with the Hasselblad HC300mm f/4.5

After five busy days shooting in Kyoto, I dropped off the zoom I’d borrowed and picked up a 300mm from Hasselblad for a couple of days.

I love the HC300mm lens. It’s big, its heavy but it’s as sharp as a razor and actually it’s not as tough to use handheld as you might think.

The 300mm equates to about 260mm on my Nikon. I love the 200mm and the 300mm on my Nikon, so this Hasselblad lens sits nicely between the two.

I’ve shot a load of stuff over the years with the HC300mm and it’s always nice to get out and about with it, quite simply because 300mm is a really good exercise¬†for the eye; you start looking into the distance, picking bits of the world out. It’s good to train the eye to see at various focal lengths.

So, I walked around Ginza a little, shooting in the Tokyu Plaza and the International Forum. The light was pretty hard but it was a fun couple of hours.

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