Mount Fuji and heron visible at sunset from Kisarazu, Chiba
Mount Fuji and heron visible at sunset from Kisarazu, Chiba.

Some of the latest shots in my print store…

Photographs from Japan, Myanmar, Europe and the USA now on sale

A few months ago, I set up an online print store with Darkroom. Each week I try to add a few new shots to the store and it’s now got a good selection of work.

The increased amount of time I’ve had to edit older work during the pandemic has been a boon for me. It’s got me back into directories of images I’d not touched for months or in some cases years.

The extra computer time, combined with my rediscovering a great suite of plugins for Photoshop, has really been great.

Exposure X6 film emulation & aesthetic plugins

Pretty much all the shots in my gallery have been run through Exposure Software’s new X6 package. I’ve recently got back to the software after losing touch with what the company was up to when Alien Skin ceased to exist. Alien Ski was reincarnated as Exposure. I started using it again at version X5 and X6 has just recently been released.

I love the plugins, personally using them in Photoshop although they work in Lightroom as well.

If you’re interested in picking up a free 30-day trial version, use my affiliate link. You can also use this link to purchase the package.

If you don’t see what you like, please get in touch

It’s possible you may have seen work of mine that isn’t in the store. If there’s a pic of mine you really want as a print and don’t find it on my Darkroom store, let me know and I can make sure it’s uploaded for you.

A few recent shots featured in the store

You’ll find a few of my faves down below. I’ve added quite a lot recently so this isn’t everything. You can click here to visit the store and see the whole collection. This gallery is just a few I really like and am especially proud of.

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