Nostalgic textires of bamboo and steel in Ningyocho

Everyday textures of Tokyo: Ningyocho & Asakusabashi

Taking to the streets with a few students of mine, exploring two fun neighbourhoods and shooting what we find.

Neither the Asakusabashi or Ningyocho neighbourhoods of Tokyo are that far from my house. Twenty, twenty-five minutes or so by foot and train. Both have a lot of charm for me and as well as any solo wandering, I’ll often take students there to soak up this or that aspect.

Asakusabashi is a bit more ‘gritty’ than Ningyocho, but that’s been changing the past couple or three years. With more development there, more gentrification and a general tidy up of elements of the neighbourhood nearer the Sumida River. Ningyocho remains much as it has for the last 15 years or more: a bit of olde-worlde charm, some great streets to explore, good places to eat and interesting little shops to visit.

Physically, aesthetically, the two areas are quite different. So you’ll notice in this set of photos, I think, a distinct and discernible difference between some of them.

Medium format mirrorless

These were all shot on the Hasselblad X1D-50c. Hasselblad’s first-generation mirrorless camera, which I was involved in contributing ideas for during its development. I shot all the photos in August of 2019, during a walking workshop I did across both areas in a single day.

Exposure X6 brings you really superb film emulation & processing workflow

I’ve run all the shots through Exposure Software’s new X6 package. I’ve recently got back to the software after losing touch with what the company was up to when Alien Skin ceased to exist. Alien Ski was reincarnated as Exposure. I started using it again at version X5 and X6 has just recently been released.

I love the plugins, personally using them in Photoshop although they work in Lightroom as well.

If you’re interested in picking up a free 30-day trial version, use my affiliate link. You can also use this link to purchase the package.

Here’s my shots. Hope you enjoy them….

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