View from the new Tokyu Plaza building, Ginza, Tokyo

High views in Tokyo: the new Tokyu Plaza in Ginza/Yurakucho

It’s been just a few months since the new flagship Tokyu Plaza mall opened in Ginza/Yurakuch, Tokyo. And it offers some amazing new high views.

A new high view is always worth visiting. Tokyo has some great ones but the new Tokyu Plaza store in downtown Tokyo has a superb view from its 12th floor, marked as ‘R’ in the lift… for ‘roof’.

There are windows so you are shooting through glass and if there is strong sunlight you’ll need something to cut the reflections; a dark jacket sweater or similar – placed behind the camera – will do the trick.

I haven’t tested the place with a tripod yet. There is plenty of space in between the railing and the glass but it’ll be down to the staff/security guards as to whether you’ll get away with using a tripod. I’ve actually not seen a security guard up there yet.

A long exposure at night will give you the zebra-crossing below the building and the expressway (motorway) weaving through Ginza directly ahead of you. It’s definitely something I’ll be trying next time I go there.

I was there the other day with a student who I was doing a photo-tour/lesson with. IT was during the daytime and I had limited lenses on me and no tripod. So there are just a few views from the place.

Great spot though. Recommended if you are near or in that part of town.

Find it on Google Maps here.

The building’s website is here.

My shots from the other day, shot with the 14mm and the 80-200mm lenses.