Persimmon fruit drying in the sun, Fukushima, Japan

My mobile photography: some Instagrams of 2017

Six weeks into this year, the year of the Rooster (my year, I was born in Rooster year 1969), here are a few of the Instas I’ve been posting so far.

I love my iPhone for shooting. It’s always on me, it’s convenient, it’s excellent quality and it is a camera attached to a global publishing mechanism.┬áIn the old days I’d have needed a camera, film, darkroom, chemicals, at least a whole day but maybe six months, a touring exhibition and/or a publishing deal to reach the audience I can with one Instagram posted straight from the camera now. There are obviously pros and cons to all this connectivity but I am super passionate about photography and for me nothing is this vs that. It’s about using whatever I have on me at the time to communicate something about how I’m feeling about the world around me at the time. Sometimes that’s the Hasselblad, sometimes it’s the iPhone.

If you haven’t found me on Instagram yet, you can find me here.

Thanks for reading. Here’s a some photos to look it.

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