A photo walk around the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan

Photowalks in Tokyo: the Tokyo Tower and a homage to Hokusai

There’s a million ways to discover and shoot in Tokyo. I try to get creative with how I encourage people to see. On this walking tour, we pay homage to Hokusai’s “36 Views of Mount Fuji” and shoot a series around the Tokyo Tower.

I have a regular client who comes to Japan at least twice a year. He spends his time in various parts of the country but we do a walk together in Tokyo each time. He’s a guy whose always interested in ‘seeing’ and improving the way he sees the world around him. So, I always try to take him somewhere new and do something different with him whilst we’re together.

He’d mentioned wanting to do something with the Tokyo Tower. I know lots of nice little backstreets around the Tower and thought it would be fun for us to try a homage to the legendary artist, Hokusai, and his series “36 Views of Mount Fuji” by capturing views of the Tokyo Tower: bits and pieces, reflections, the structure seen through foreground elements, at a distance.

It’s something I’ve done with the Sky Tree, with a few clients, on a walk that starts in Kinshicho. There’s an article about that here.

So, here are a few of my shots from our day out. We headed off other places after the Tower but spent probably a couple of hours doing our series of shots with the Tokyo Tower.

Great fun. A good way to focus the mind and an easy way to create a series.

These shots all made with the Fuji X100S and they are all straight from the camera….