Nude and portrait photography workshop in Tokyo

Portrait & nude photography workshop, Tokyo: Sunday 4th March

Last Sunday’s workshop was great fun and everyone got some great shots. This coming Sunday, we have the second event with Nikki and due to someone dropping out, there is one place left.

Here’s a little intro about our model for Sunday: Nikki is Japanese, a former dancer and now a singer. She was born in Kagoshima but lives in Tokyo.

I bumped into Nikki on Instagram and instantly knew she was someone I wanted to shoot with. She has a unique look and is an all-round creative person: ex-dancer, currently a singer. I feel close, spiritually, to people like Nikki. I always feel the need to create something, be it photos or a piece of electronic music or a video. It’s an itch that I can never completely scratch. But, collaborating with talented, gifted people is one way of giving that itch a good scratch.

Recently we both had a day in the studio which was total experimentation. We tried a bunch of things. Some worked, some didn’t work so well. It was our first shoot. You’re feeling your way on those occasions.

It gave us some great ideas and a few of those are seen below: a mix of simple and classy lighting, black and white, colour, using projections… lots of fun.

This gallery has a few edited shots. And yep, reminder, there is some nudity… so if you’re at work, time to check over your shoulder 🙂

Here’s a few un-edited shots, which include some of the playing around we did with projecting stuff onto Nikki:

We’ll be trying all these sorts of things on workshop day. The objective for you will be to produce promotional portraits and artwork for a music CD album that Nikki will release in the future. We’ll have various outfits of Nikki’s, clothes that she likes. We’ll have a few props at the studio too. We’ll definitely get the projector out towards the end and have some fun with that.

Here are the details of the workshop:

Number of participants: 4

What’s included? your teacher (me) the studio, the model (Nikki), an internationally experience hair & makeup artist (Alexandria Oxspring). There’ll also be at least one assistant there for the day, to help with setup etc.

How long is the event? it’ll be an all day event, starting around 10am and finishing around 6pm.

Where is it? at Alfie’s studio in Azabujuban, Tokyo.

Is all the gear I need there already? we have a whole load of lighting gear, backdrops, projector, various props etc at the studio. Alfie wil have his Hasselblad H4D-40 which you are welcome to use if you want to.

What do I need to bring? your ideas, your camera gear, any props you feel like using.

How much is the workshop? the fee for the day, including all instruction, the model, the hair&makeup, the studio and our assistant is 25,000¥ per person.

How do I reserve myself a place? drop us a line here at our contact page and just mention ‘workshop with Nikki’.

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