Location portrait photography in Tokyo

Portrait Photography in Tokyo: Jason Donato

Shooting on location in Tokyo is just about one of my favourite things to do. It’s a coming together of everything I love about my work right now: meeting people, exploring Tokyo, using the world around me like a film-set.

This recent shoot, one of two commissioned by US Navy chef, Jason Donato, is viewable in the latest edition of my online magazine.

From the magazine:Location portraiture forms a large part of my work as a freelance photographer in Japan. Along with shooting fashion on location, the portraiture is my favourite kind of photography.There’s something very special for me about using the city as a studio, a playground. It’s like a film set for me, waiting for the actors to be ushered in.

With so many wonderful locations across such a large city, it’s hard for me to imagine a time when I will ever get bored of exploring and shooting people here in Tokyo.

I’ve been living here the best part of a decade and it’s been sixteen years since I first visited.For me the photographic adventure and the adventure of discovering Tokyo are one and the same.”

Click on the embedded item below to view here or on the issuu,com site.

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