Fire engine passes through a zebra crossing, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Sitting above Ginza, making toys from the cars: Tokyu Plaza re-visited

The new Tokyu Plaza building in Ginza, Tokyo, has me a little obsessed. So, I went back there earlier this week to shoot the cars passing below. 

Getting a high view in Tokyo is always a pretty good experience. One thing that really does it for me about the view from the new Tokyu Plaza building in Ginza is that is not just a great view out, it’s a great view straight down.

I recently wrote a post here about going there for the first time. Since then I’ve been back a few times with students our tourists, when I have been doing lessons or photowalks. I haven’t had chance on those occasions to shoot for myself. So I went back this week and shot some more, this time concentrating on the views straight down from two or three spots, not just the one directly over the big pedestrian crossing.

I shot a bit with the Nikon and the Hasselblad. The filenames of the pics in the gallery will let you know which is which. Had an 80-200mm on the Nikon and the 80mm on the Hassie.

Hung around for a bit because I was shooting a timelapse there too, so I managed to explore some cool angles and catch some great cars…. including a beautiful Ferrari Dino GT4.

All of the Nikon shots are largely straight out of the camera, shot using my Ektachrome P picture control and with just tiny adjustments to the RAW files [exposure, shadows and highlight recovery]. The colour styling is SOOC. The Hassie shots have had RAW tweaking in Phocus and some were cropped in Photoshop.

The weather was very grey, flat and boring… so contrast had to be bumped in-camera and a little in post.