Short film of Tokyo in Slow Motion

Slow motion Tokyo: towards sunset in Shinjuku

A few slow-motion sequences shot, edited and graded by me as a little test for myself, as I move towards doing more video. The shooting is one thing but it’s the editing that has always made me shy away from doing more shooting. I never really got into it enough to get ‘wowed’ by editing.

That has changed with this video. I got into the editing and have far more of a feeling, now, about pre-visualizing the edit when shooting the footage, just as I pre-visualize things in my stills photography world now.

Enjoying the Osmo very much. Also really happy to be getting back into making music again.

The mix of images and music is something I’ve been fascinated with since I was a tiny kid.

I shot this last Sunday, edited, graded and composed the music for it on Monday.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

See it on YouTube directly, here.

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