Textures of Tokyo: old overgrown door in Akabane

Textures & Colours of Tokyo: Akabane

At the risk of over-singing the praises of Akabane [there’s been a few articles here about it recently], here’s some shots from a recent walk around the area. On a day I felt in the mood to focus on textures, colour and shadows.

There’s one thing Akabane is very good at serving-up and it’s ‘shabby chic’: old stuff, faded stuff, overgrown stuff, stuff that seems a little neglected or past its sell-by-date.

Akabane has a lived-in look. And a lot of history.

The shots in this gallery were shot pretty much on the same route you’ll see in the article I recently put up about the walk Paul Rasmussen and I did last year.

Some places I’d seen before, some on the same route Paul and I did which we managed to walk past.

All of the pics here have been exported from the RAW files through Capture NX-D with either no adjustments or, if adjusted, with very simple tweaks of shadow slider and exposure compensation. 

All of the colour ones were shot in the ‘Ektachrome P’ picture control I have made for Nikon.

Since the website got hacked, the two articles about the picture controls have disappeared. I am going to get something back online very soon, with files to download.

Textures of Tokyo: Akabane backstreets