Walks with my Hasselblad: Nezu to Hibiya Park

Walks with my Hasselblad: Nezu to Hibiya Park

A cool, crisp, sunny day made the perfect conditions for a walk from quiet shiitamachi, past Tokyo Station and into Hibiya Park.

In between a lot of teaching, some busy excursions around Japan for the JTB and National Parks authority and a recent busy patch of shoots in Tokyo, I haven’t had much time for walking or blogging.

I’ve also had a rather odd year in terms of morale. Freelance life includes a lot of ‘keeping oneself positive’ and after a few bumps and knocks this year, I’ve had a rather rare episode recently of feeling down.

But, as one of the aspects of my teaching and mentoring is helping people stay positive, creative and moving forward, it’s time I heeded my own advice. The past ten days has, therefore, been a very positive period and I feel like I’m getting back to my usual self and ready to dive headlong into the new year and make it a success.

So, here’s some pics from one of the my recent, rejuvenating walks through Tokyo. Some people say my Hasselblad H4D-40 is way too heavy to be carrying around all day. I don’ mind it. The superbly accurate colour is always a joy and I was happy with the mixed set of subjects I got on this nice little walk.

Hope you enjoy.

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