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Photography in Tokyo: In Praise of Shinagawa Inter-City

I spent a lot of years visiting Japan and subsequently living in the Shinagawa area before I ever though there was much to see or do in Shinagawa, except use the train station….


Tokyo Has Its Biggest Snowfall For 45 Years

Saturday saw the biggest drop of snow in the capital since 1969 which, coincidentally, was the year of my birth. I went out for a walk about 2pm starting at Hammamatsucho and walking up…

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Book

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Book

One of the best things about getting back from my recent two-week shoot in Europe and the US [apart, obviously, from seeing the wife and kids again] was finding my copy of the…


Photography zine: Stekki, first issue

First issue of Stekki* magazine is done and online at Issuu.com It’s a slimline ‘special edition’ based just on one afternoon’s shooting with Mari Nishimura. I am finishing off the Tohoku workshop edition…


Photography bookstores in Jinbocho

Last week I explored some great photography bookshops in Jinbocho with my buddy Mike. I’m going back to the neighbourhood this weekend for a photowalk, some photo-history chit-chat and to explore the shops…


Matsuri madness

There’s a lot less festivals in Japan this year as many of the bigger ones were cancelled in the wake of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. Those that are happening are tending…


Shakuji-gawa cherry-blossom walk

I discovered the Shakuji River via a good mate of mine, Toru, a year or so ago. Here’s a link to an article I made upon first finding this wonderful area. It might…


Hanami in Naka-meguro, Tokyo

Naka-meguro in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward is probably one of the best-known of cherry-blossom locations in Tokyo. It can get extraordinarily busy on the weekends so, typically, I do photowalks there mid-week to avoid…


Japan after the quake: Part 1

LARGE GALLERY OF PICS AT THE FOOT OF THIS ARTICLE. Various links throughout to some of the absurd media coverage, a great beach-bar and various other tidbits…. Those of you who know the…

Lady in the rain; Ebaramachi, Tokyo

A personal look-back at 2010

Another look at some of the images I enjoyed capturing in 2010.

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