The Asahi Super Dry Hall in Asakusa, Tokyo

Asahi Beer Building in Asakusa, Tokyo

It’s been almost 17 years since I first visited this landmark building by the river in Asakusa. It’s one of two in Tokyo designed by Philippe Starck.

Always a good place to visit, I recently went there to scout for a fashion shooting lesson I was going to give for someone. Gave me an opportunity to look at the lines, patches of light and colour….

All of the pics you see below are straight out of camera, simply converted from the RAW files into JPEGs and uploaded here. They were shot either with my ‘Ektachrome P’ Picture Control or the ‘Monochrome 2’ Picture Control, both of which you can download here.

The light was just about perfect the day I visited. Late in the day, the last rays of sun were catching the gold and the chrome. Elements we used a lot on the lesson I subsequently gave, when we were shooting with a model.

I love the crushed blacks and the strong colours in these shots. Love shooting in this style. Really pulls me to certain subjects when I have this Ektachrome style on the go.

You can read a bit more about Starck’s building here.

Just in case you missed it, here’s a reminder of the ‘Photographers Map of Tokyo & Japan’ which I made last year. Click here to load it up. It has this spot marked and over 100 more great spots to shoot in Tokyo, each illustrated on the map with a photo.

The gallery of shots I made at the Asahi Beer Hall in Asakusa:

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