Photos of Hibiya Park in autumn and Ginza's urban delights

A little bit of nature, a little bit of urban: shooting Hibiya Park & Ginza on an autumn day

A few hours out shooting with a regular student from Germany gave us the opportunity to soak up some autumn colours in Hibiya Park and some urban density in Ginza.

It’s lovely to have regular students who, when they are in town from overseas, look me up so we can go out together again and shoot.

Wednesday this week was an opportunity to catch up with Silvia from Germany, whose been out with me once before. Last time we shot around the charming neighbourhood of Ningyocho. This week we mixed up a nice bit of nature with some urban madness, across Hibiya Park and nearby Ginza.

Anyone who has been following my work lately will be aware of my obsession with the new Tokyu Plaza building in Ginza, Silvia hadn’t been there before and another visit for me gave me the chance to focus on a few new things and re-look into a few scenes I’d shot already.

We caught Hibiya Park on a great day, with carpets of gingko leaves and some nice colour still on the trees. I love shooting the area at the south of the park, where the gingko trees are dense and where the leaves form a yellow coating on everything below. There are some specific stones and tree roots there that I always spend some time with. Yesterday they looked amazing.

And one day later…. snow, winter weather, rain and winds have changed the scene in town so quickly. Like last year and in some ways the year before, Tokyo seems to get a late autumn and then rain, wind and cold temperatures which basically make ‘autumn leaf season’ about one or two days long.

Still, good timing seems to be with me at the moment. We caught the park at its best, had some fun in Ginza with some amazing light. Great day.

A gallery of shots of mine, from Hibiya Park and Ginza: all were shot with in-camera styling, using my Ektachrome P and Monochrome 2 picture controls for Nikon.