Off piste Tokyo: photowalks off the beaten track in Tokyo, Japan

Off-piste Tokyo: quiet backstreet charm in sight of the SkyTree

Shots from a recent one-day photo tour with a client in town from the US, exploring what I love to call ‘Village Tokyo’.

One of the most frequent enquiries I get from folks coming to Tokyo wanting a photo tour is ‘get me off the beaten track, please’.

Over the years I’ve walked a lot of Tokyo. It’s helped me develop a series of photowalks that I’ve come to call ‘Off Piste Tokyo’.

These are walks I do a lot, myself, too. Walks I use to keep my eyes sharp, keep my mind fresh and just to relax myself. Tokyo is a big, busy, frantic place. But at heart it’s just a collection of villages, each with its own charm. Keeping that in mind and keeping in touch with it regularly can help make sense of the chaos and pace of the city.

If you’re visiting Tokyo and are looking for someone to help you get to the real charm of the city, drop me a line. All the walks I do typically tend to be bespoke, crafted for each individual client. You can get a flavour of what I do here, at the page about my ‘Photographic Concierge’ services. 

All the shots in this gallery were taken on a Fuji X100s compact camera.


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