Urban star trails: the international forum in tokyo, japan

Tokyo International Forum: In praise of cleaners who polish in circles

I’ve been admiring a particular corner of the Forum for a while. Last Sunday I decided it should mark the start of a new photo series.

After nineteen years of visiting the same building, you’d think I’d be bored of it by now. When that building is The Tokyo International Forum, however, it’s perhaps easy to see why boredom is not an issue.

I’ve written about the Forum before and I’ve posted shots before from the very spot I found myself in last Sunday evening. It’s just that, for the most part, I’ve shot there during the daytime. At night my favourite little spot for reflections takes on another dimension entirely.

Some years ago, in Shinagawa, I shot the pic you see below: at the time I called it ‘Urban Star Trails‘.

Urban start trails, Shinagawa, TokyoI love this spot and I love reflections. That night, which was perhaps as much as eight years ago, I figured out I love cleaners who polish in nice neat circles.

So, back to last Sunday and me in the Forum and what is normally just a really cool, slightly texture reflection became another great spot for ‘urban star trails’.

Here’s a few I shot, all straight from the Fuji X100s. Shot on about 2700K white-balance.

The International Forum: Urban Star Trails or ‘In Praise of Cleaners Who Polish in Circles’


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