Tokyo Gate Bridge photographed at sunrise

Tokyo Gate Bridge from Wakasu Park

There are some really great spots to shoot around Tokyo Bay but you need wheels to get to most of them easily.

Recently, myself and my youngest son – Charlie – went fishing out at Wakasu Park, at the eastern side of the Tokyo Gate Bridge. I’d been out there a few times before, to shoot and to just see the view. Charlie hadn’t been before.

Had a lovely day fishing, caught a load of crabs and at either end of the day – dawn and dusk – got some lovely shots, especially of the Gate Bridge and Mount Fuji.

Best light on the mountain was early in the morning. The bridge tended to look great at both ends of the day but particularly spectacular towards sunset, when lots more planes were on their approach into Haneda. That added to the drama of the shots.

The graphic nature of the bridge really suited monochrome.

Shot all of these pics either with the Fuji X100S or the Nikon D800e and 80-200mm.

Easy to get to the park. Good parking. Not free but not expensive for the day. There’s fishing equipment there for sale or rent. We have our own. You can also buy bait at the little hut by the shore.

Little shop nearby too, selling drinks and snacks.

Click here or on the map for details on where exactly we were.

Tokyo Gate Bridge from Wakasu Park

Here’s a few pics from the day.

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